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New You has helped people lose weight and learn how to keep it off since 1992. Our plans are based on regular food from the grocery store and two of our high protein supplements per day. There are no shots, drugs or prepackaged meals. Our weight loss program is affordable on any budget.

We will help you find a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. All of our plans are individualized. You will be eating regular food from the grocery store. You will have plenty of flexibility and options when it comes to what you put in your body.

Losing weight is the easy part -- keeping it off can sometimes be more difficult. All of our plans include six weeks of stabilization and one year of maintenance. We also offer lifetime maintenance plans.

We have a wide variety of protein products. They range from smoothies, shakes, puddings, hot chocolates, oatmeals, fruit drinks, soups and pancakes..

We are always updating our blog with helpful tips, ideas, recipes and encouragement for our clients. We also update this section with new product announcements, success stories and more. You can always find inspiration when you are feeling stuck.

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