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“I have lost 35 pounds and 52.5 inches ! New You is a great program ! Joni is so helpful and encouraging ! New You allows you something from ALL food groups! I feel I’ve found a program that will now help me to maintain my weight loss ! Thanks New You and Joni!”


“I lost 98 pounds and 92 inches !”


“I lost 32 pounds and 39 inches! This is the lowest I have been in years and I feel healthy ! I have done every diet and this is the best one”


“Weight loss is hard work, not magic!  New You  makes it easier, less intimidating, and you feel like YOU CAN DO IT!!!  With Joni and the program I was able to achieve my goal even through vacations, major holidays and some of the worst times in my life. I am down 59 pounds and 67 inches !  It’s a program for a reason…. Follow it and it will work!!!  The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”


"Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Down 57 pounds and 53 inches ! "


 Lifestyle change and exercise have changed my life! I finally figured out that actually following the plan and listening to Joni seriously works! There aren’t any tricks or secrets and I don’t have to pay $400+a month like some other programs that give you only temporary results. New You is affordable for all budgets. Before following New You I started out with an A1C over 12.8 and I was on insulin. I’ve lost over 170 pounds and off insulin! I can’t wait to see what my future has in store!”


Down 34.5 pounds & 33.25 inches !


“After years of see-sawing on the scale, I’ve finally been able to keep the weight off.  After having a child, I wanted to be healthy and have energy to keep up with her.  After losing the weight, I’ve kept it off for 3 years.  Any time I feel myself slip, Joni is there to help me get back on track.  I’m so thankful to Joni and the New You program… it gave me my life back!”


“I have tried many different ways to lose weight and nothing seemed to help – until I found the New You program! With the help of Joni I was able to start my journey and lose the weight!”


“This program and Joni have been my savior. Three months after starting I found out I have rheumatoid arthritis, and had to be on Prednisone for a year and a half. Joni taught me how to eat properly so I actually lost weight on steroids! How many people can say that? This speaks volumes for her program”


“It took me a long time to listen to my wife. I only wish I did sooner! I wasn’t hungry, ate normal food and love the chocolate salted caramel shake!”


“My shirt says it all. New You and Joni have truly inspired me to be a better me! This is an ongoing process and I am so excited to see where this journey takes me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, support and genuine concern for me!”


“As Owner and Founder of New You Weight Loss, I understand the everyday struggle of losing weight and keeping it off! I will help you every step of the way. I have lost over 100 pounds and 125 inches and work very hard to keep it off.”

Bobbie Jean

“New You has helped me lose over 50 pounds and 41 inches. I am diabetic and my A1C has gone from 9 down to 6 . I love all of the support and the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal is my favorite supplement. It gives you just the right amount to satisfy you. I use it in the morning and sometimes the evening!”


Milissa lost 70 pounds and 86 inches!


"Loosing over 40 pounds and 52 inches hasn't always been easy, but I did it! First time in years to be thin. Joni was great help guiding me along the way. I the Love supplements, especially the gingerbread must cake. The plan is a healthy way to eat. Eating more food, the right food. Thank you, Joni. Maintenance is next! I know I can do it."


"Lost 50 pounds and 60 inches"


"I have lost 15 pounds and 20 inches"

More from our clients…

​”Joni is very patient and kind. She makes each visit a positive one!”

-Elaine S.

“​Love all the gluten-free options!”

-Debbie W.

​”I really appreciate Joni’s help on my weight loss journey. She is a God-send, thank you!”

-Lorna S.

​”New You has encouraged me to have goals, how to reach them and to do my best. Joni is not only a food coach but a life coach as well. She has become a good friend who gives great advice to my everyday life obstacles. Thanks New ​​!”

-Sherry O.

“My favorite supplements are peaches & cream oatmeal and chocolate instant drink. I like the one on one meetings and the fact you have to weigh into someone. You have to give it a chance and follow the program in order for it to work.”

Tina R.

“This is by far the easiest it has ever been to stick with something and lose weight. If you listen to Joni and do the program correctly, you WILL lose the weight!”

-Mary M.

“I have lost a significant amount of weight & kept it off. 26 pounds and 43 inches of me are gone for good!”

-Shirley R.

“I have better health on the New You system. I feel better.”

– Jim R.

“New You teaches you how to survive in today’s world eating grocery store items along with the option of purchasing some tasty snacks and meals. Joni is always patient and always a supporter of ‘Never giving up!'”

– Margie P.

“The struggle stops here at New You! Joni is so helpful and goes on your weight loss journey with you. Support and knowledge keeps the weight loss steady. I love all the products but the mini-meals are my favorite! “

– Lorraine R.​

“The best thing about “New You” is Joni!! She counsels you, she guides you and is your champion. No matter what~shes behind you all the way with great tips. I love the shakes, especially the banana. I blend it with banana or even strawberry for a great start to the morning. What more can be said for the best program out there!!”

– Jill S.

“Wow- in 5 weeks I am down 13.4 pounds! I was so scared I couldn’t do this. I can’t believe how simple it is and I feel so healthy. It’s amazing how much I’m eating and losing weight!”

– Susie T.

Learn how to lose weight and keep it off.

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