Weighing yourself too often?

. Weighing yourself too often.

When you embark on a weight-loss journey, it might seem counterintuitive to avoid looking at the scale—but weight fluctuates day to day for a variety of reasons, including water retention or hormonal fluctuations. Trainer and founder of Fit Armadillo Catherine Basu has often seen clients who gain weight one day, become discouraged and want to give up. “To avoid getting discouraged by the numbers on the scale, it’s best to weigh yourself once a week at the same time—or maybe not at all,” she suggests. “Instead, take circumference measurements, particularly at your hips and waist. These are a much better indicator of your overall health and success.”

Instead of getting caught up in the numbers, Jessica May Tang, corporate wellness coach and founder of Damon Wellness Consulting, recommends focusing on finding your “meaningful why.” Remind yourself of the reasons you started down the path to weight loss in the first place; chances are they have more to do with quality of life and less to do with hitting some arbitrary weight. Remember, having more energy to keep up with your active children or tend to your garden is more meaningful than any number.

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